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Shadow Defender Download Full Version (Similar software Deep Freeze)

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Shadow Defender works to safeguard your computer from system crashes or deletion of files, software that is not intentional, got a virus, trojan spyware, etc.. Indeed, most people use Deep Freeze in this case, but Shadow Defender also not lost to Deep Freeze.

Main Features:
- Shadow Defender can choose a fixed folder can store data on the restart though, it serves to update anti-virus or patching of online games for example, Shadow Defender is suitable for Internet cafes and online game rentals. deepfreeze not like that must be restarted every non-active or reactivated. Shadow Defender essentially no hassle.

- Shadow Defender does not have to restart any software to install because we do Shadow Defender has a feature "commit" that will keep the new-installed software.

- Shadow Defender has not / rarely use the public so that there is no such Unshadow undeepfreeze.

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