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How to Apply the Google of social networking + (plus)

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How to Apply the Google + (plus) is not difficult, but now google + services is still limited and only for certain people, in because google + is still in experimental stages, but will not be long before Google + project is ready to use.

If you spend time on Google in particular that has a gmail acount, when you login then you've probably noticed the new menu bar color hitam.Banyak wondering if this was just some new designs from Google.Ternyata, that black bar is a sign of Google, that something big is coming that is Google +.

Here's how to sign up on google +:
1.Kunjungi address
2.klik masuk.lalu input email address and password, if you do not have email google it must register at

3.The login then click the Keep Me Posted,
Google + system uses the system and the numbers are still terbatas.jadi invite buddy aja please be patient and wait for google plus for ready use, plus google social networking is still the test phase.
for those who can not register please comment and live in chatt message box for my intive
I have an account click here 
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