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Automatic Share Post to Facebook

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Share automatic posting to Facebook held story about how to share the article to your facebook blog posts automatically without having to login to your facebook account. Share mechanism automatically post to facebook share almost the same as posting automatic posting to twitter using media that has been reported previously.
share share picCara automatic posting automatic posting into the facebook is a continuation of this time as well as responses to several blogger friends a few days lau, sorry again busy and pretentious new posts today. Share automatic posting here are using RSS Facebook Graffiti application services, which can be like in advance by visiting the area municipality RSS Graffiti: halah: The goal of course is technically expected to get additional traffic to your blog or revenue from online business, especially for those of you who have lots of fans in the world of facebook. Viewed from the side of the utility function is perhaps the article in your post can be used as inspiration or motivation of its own for others to read it, is not doing good should not always be defined by giving a material form, property, state or luxury palaces of the world-duorrr- Immediately, rather than an extension of exploratory ngidul, following automatic posting to share the stage facebook wall,
1. Adding Applications Please visit, »
Log in to your facebook account, click the Like button, and proceed click 'Goto App' message will appear: 'You have not yet authorized this application to access your facebook profile. RSS Graffiti Will be Able to help you manage centraly all the RSS / Atom feeds you publish in each of your Facebook Pages after you Authorize access to this information '
Click the 'click here to Authorize ..' on the next page click 'Allow'
2. Add the address of feed / RSS Feeds On the next page, click the '+ Add Feed', then you will see the appearance of supernatural beings such as the following image, the appearance of the tabs 'Basic' 

Description: Feed URL, fill in the RSS feed blog friends, according to a cms that feeds you have;

Blogger RSS Feeds to the address: example:
to address Wordpress RSS Feed: example:
to address the Joomla RSS Feed: example:
for friends who do not have a blog can also use it, RSS feednya can be filled with for example:, is the address information rss feed of new releases of jewelry that will always be updated every time there is a new jewelry products across the middle of nowhere-handyman-peddlers mode on: D
Source Name: enter the title you want, for example, "Mbah Dharmo Find Love Rabbit ' Source URL write down the address of your blog, my blog address is fine-he he- Post Style: ignore it .. I forget when heavy .. slowly sajaa ... -Glunthang-
3. Set the time of publication Next, please click the tab 'Schedule', which is located on the right jump two meters from the river 'Basic', jump-right-grak-byuuurr, appearances as follows:
Point important updates on the status of this schedule is the update frequency, its uses is to set the time of publication at the newly published article, a few choice options include: As soon as possible, meaning that every place update article in the RSS feeds listed previously, it will be directly published to the facebook wall at the same time. This option is the most widely used by bloggers
Other options options underneath such as every hour, four times a day, twice a day, is used if you use the facebook application RSS.Graffiti to subscribe to the latest news articles from online newspapers may update more than 5 to 6 posts a day even mugkin updated every hours, such as when you subscribe to the latest info from the world of jewelry; p
4. Start Praying Kalo is scroll up and find the button 'Save', please click to save the settings, and to see the preview you can click the link 'Click here to preview' which is above the tab 'Schedule' After that time cut the cone as the opening ceremony, if there is no cone; enough water with a packet of crackers jengkol;-let us imagine for a moment.
Share and automatic posting to Facebook is embedded with tenderness in your facebook account and are ready to publish articles on the wall automatically without having to first log in, as does the share automatically post to twitter
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