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How to Restore Old Model Free Chat Bar

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Not long ago Facebook introduced new models sidebar chat, group chat is also a video chat model callng but the sidebar is actually alienate the user from friends in the list is. The reason, it is difficult to find friends who are directly ONLINE, except, should be on the search first.

No wonder many FB users who hate this new feature, and have created a special page as a protest against the chat feature of this sidebar.

If you're one of those Facebook users who hate to change the chat bar, then do not worry because you can easily return to the old model of Facebook chat bar permanently with the help of browser add-ons.
Facebook Chat Bar to restore the Old Model
Facebook chat bar to return to the old model, so that activities japri via chat with your friends as it once was, you simply install the add-on called FB Chat Sidebar disabler. So far, the new disabler Sidebar FB chat support three browsers, the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, what about IE? Day still pake IE gene?.

Okay you can directly install the add-on based on the browser you use, this link-link:
For Mozilla Firefox, click it. 
For Google Chrome, click it. 
For Opera, click it.

After the add-on FB Chat Sidebar finished disabler installed, then the chat bar and replace the old Facebook back a new one, you simply click on the menu to switch to Old-Style Chat to the Option. As the following figure:
From now on activities will chat again easy and exciting. Strange for me personally, FB chat system instead of fixing them are very old-fashioned becomes more attractive as Yahoo Messenger, instead making it a very confusing and complicated.

Looks like FB only want visitors to spend time status updates and responded to the Wall, to enlarge Pageview or because they can not afford the development team?

Oh yes, later after the add-on installed would like the following picture (this is my FB):
Useful and hopefully see you again!  
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